Adventure Travel Means Captivating Experiences

There's no doubt that adventure travel has piqued the interest of many globetrotters in recent years. After all, adventure vacations allow you to experience the world in an exciting, immersive way that you simply can't without embarking on an assortment of active adventures. Whether you choose to leisurely sightsee by hiking or biking or take a more daredevil approach by adding rock climbing or whitewater rafting to your active travel itinerary, you're practically guaranteed to have a memorable adventure travel experience.

An industry snapshot report by the Adventure Travel Trade Association found that travelers are increasingly seeking to add cultural experiences to their adventure vacations, which also includes a mix of nature and physical activity. The majority of active travelers hope to experience a transformation that includes personal growth as opposed to simply getting an adrenaline rush or having a unique experience. Being able to make a difference in important humanity issues, such as social justice and poverty, is becoming a big part of the active travel industry. The report also found that popular adventure travel destinations include New Zealand, Australia, South America and Europe.

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