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About The Crest Cap


From being the former CEO and co-founder of XTERRA, to producing TV shows, to now starting The Crest Cap, Tom Kiely has accomplished a lot and is now looking to produce meaningful, quality products and to give back to the global community.

Tom Kiely - Founder of The Crest Cap

where we're heading

Active Traveler TV“With my XTERRA mission complete, I wanted to create something new," Kiely said, "So over the past year, we started the ActiveTraveltv.com website. Our team has produced over 335 feature television shows based upon active lifestyle and endurance sports with a distribution platform that includes ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, Amazon TV and others. We've won 47 Emmy and Telly Awards for production excellence and we've reached and impact over 55 million viewers."

Along the way, I've been asked if I intended to “sell products” and/or create a storefront on our site.  Until August of 2019, the answer had always been, "maybe sometime down the line”.

Well down the line has now become a reality.  By chance, I came upon a powerful Irish Crest and created a cap. I received such positive response regarding its meaning that I decided to move forward with producing "The Crest Cap." 

My belief is that if you're going to do a job, do it with "honor" - well The Crest Cap not only represents honor, it represents: honor, valor and sacrifice.

creating quality products

The very first Crest Cap was created in Maui in July of 2019 - it was such a success that we decided to launch our product line around it. 

The Crest Cap - Original 


As we developed the concept of The Crest Cap we did so with the thought to create benefits and opportunities for those less fortunate. Along the way, we met Carla Houser, Executive Director, Residential Youth Services & Empowerment (RYSE), which is focused on helping homeless youth get off the streets and onto a better life.
The work of Carla, her team and her “students” is nothing short of magnificent. To see young people who, all of a sudden, have true hope in their lives and how they respond to moving in a new and great direction is just incredible, and we are honored to join with them in this noble cause. To learn more about RYSE, visit their website.

RYSE Hawaii


Stay tuned to further updates as the site and our product line develops - Aloha!